US shale gas



RUSSIAN natural gas




  1. Create a presentation on one form of renewable energy from the list below using the resources from pp 263-269 Patterns and Change book

  • Hydro-electric power
  • Wind power
  • Biofuels
  • Geothermal electricity
  • Solar power
  • Tidal power
  • Fuelwood (in developing countries)

2. Include the following:

  • Brief description of energy source and how it works, with pictures/diagrams
  • Overview of the current global situation
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Summary of a news article with screenshot
  • Short video about the changing importance of your energy source
  • A named example from somewhere in the world

Exam Practice

1) Identify and rank the top three renewable sources of energy shown on the graph from highest to lowest. [2 marks]


2) Explain two disadvantages of one named source of renewable energy. [4 marks]


3) Suggest two reasons why sources of renewable energy have become more important in many countries in recent years. [4 marks]


4) Suggest two reasons why some areas of the world are unlikely to depend entirely on renewable energy sources. [2 x 2 marks]