You are expected to show how a branded commodity adopted globally in terms of time and space.

When and where did this product enter into different global markets? Which countries did not adopt this commodity?


coca cola history

mc donalds history



Read about the successes and challenges of the McDonalds franchise from pp 161-164 of HL book. Make notes under the following titles:

  1. McDonalds organisation in numbers
  2. Global growth of McDonalds
  3. Reasons for slower growth
  4. How McDonalds is reinventing itself
  5. The principles of McDonaldisation

Show the spatial and temporal adoption of one branded commodity as a choropleth map.

  1. Access the list of mcDonald's restaurants below. 
  2. Colour the country according to year categories in the key.
  3. Label the map with the year and any extra information about the country franchise.
  4. Identify "black spots" - countries that did not adopt McDonald's.
  5. Identify and mark 5 former locations, explaining why they closed.

McDonalds World Locations [Source]


Exam question

Analyse the spatial and temporal pattern of adoption of one or more branded commodities. [10 marks]