geographic factors that influenced the choice of venues



  1. Watch the videos above and read pp 1&2 of the Geo Active PDF
  2. Explain why Stratford was chosen for the London 2012 Olympics referring to:
    • Socio-economic factors
    • Transport links
    • Physical factors

Factors affecting the sphere of influence for participants and supporters

The sphere of influence in this context refers to the area from which the London 2012 Olympics draws its participants and supporters. It can be influenced by a number of factors:

  • Popularity of the Olympic games in source countries
  • Wealth or development of source countries
  • Increased mobility of population
  • Impact of competitors increasing interest (e.g. Usain Bolt)

costs and benefits at the local & national level



  1. Read the document
  2. Highlight costs and benefits using two different colours
  3. Add information to your notes

exam practice

“Local people do not benefit from hosting an international sporting event.” Discuss this statement. [10 marks]



Reasons to agree with the statement include:

  • Organisation of events is usually done at national or international level therefore some leakage can occur. Multinational investment and sponsorship prevents the needs of local people being met.
  • Likely increase in local problems – traffic, house prices etc.
  • Effects are short-term and interest in local issues decreases after event.

Reasons to disagree with the statement include:

  • Legacy of investment in infrastructure and amenities for use by the community
  • Employment provided
  • Inward investment
  • Requirements for sustainable development are more likely to be met.

While examples are not a specific requirement of the question, those answers that provide supporting examples are likely to access the higher markbands.

To access bands E and F, responses should present a balanced discussion that considers both reasons to agree and disagree with the statement and may realise that some benefits are not always clear cut and have a temporal aspect – short-term/long-term.

Marks should be allocated according to the markbands.

Examiners report

The benefits of international sporting events to anyone other than locals (such as major corporations, national economy, etc.) were often totally ignored. Answers were generally stronger on the benefits for the local people but often did not consider longer-term effects beyond the event itself.