1. Draw a sketch map showing Pripyat, Ukraine. Add title.

the chernobyl disaster: april 26, 1986


chernobyl after the nuclear explosion


short and long-term consequences

  1. In two groups, research the short-term and long-term effects of the Chernobyl disaster across Europe
  2. Annotate a blank map of Europe showing the spatial impact
  3. Highlight the short and long term effects with two colours.



exam practice

Analyse the consequences of one specific transboundary pollution event. [10 marks]


mark scheme

A transboundary pollution event is one which has damaging effects for more than one country. It is most likely that candidates will analyse a major oil spill or air pollution event. “Event” strongly suggests a single dated occurrence but some credit should still be given to an account of a more pervasive problem (such as acid rain).

Thus, for band E, the account must clearly relate to transboundary pollution (thus the pollution type is named, for example, sulphur dioxide or crude oil; affected states are clearly identified). Further, the temporal aspect should be addressed: if not a single event (for example, an oil spill) then a period (year or decade) must be identified (giving us a broad interpretation of “event”). If both are there, band E is possible.

It should be made explicit who is affected and why the event is “transboundary”. The consequences may include: immediate ecological and environmental harm; longer clear-up operations; subsequent changes in national and/or international legislature; implications for the polluter (such as poor publicity and “PR nightmare” for TNCs).

The best answers may have a range of varied consequences (such as political/governance response) and will not simply focus on ecological damage.

Pollution events such as the Bhopal incident are not transboundary but may achieve band C if the concept of transnational has been well explored (idea of TNCs moving their pollution/unsafe operations overseas). The movement of recycling wastes to China may be marked in the same way (it is hardly an event, but some limited credit for the transboundary/transnational aspects of the case study could be given if it has been well written).