1. Create a ten minute presentation about this civil society organisation, including:
  • Link to syllabus objective
  • Aims of organisation
  • Video (>3mins)
  • Example of activity in the world linked to objective


Using examples, analyse the role civil societies play in national resistance to global interactions. [10 marks]



Civil society is defined in the geography guide as: “Any organization or movement that works in the area between the household, the private sector and the state to negotiate matters of public concern.

Civil societies include non-governmental organizations (NGOs), community groups, trade unions, academic institutions and faith-based organizations.”

Citizens can:

  • form anti-globalization movements and groups (eg Occupy)
  • vote for/establish nationalist parties/policies (anti-immigration eg UKIP; resource nationalism)
  • support local sourcing or other initiatives
  • organize resistance movements against globalization/global capitalism/modernity which are informed by their ethnicity/identity (eg First Nations in Canada; Ogoni in Nigeria; Amish in USA).
  • Credit other valid forms of civil society resistance in particular national contexts.

Do not credit government or state actions. Do not credit actions of TNCs.

Good answers are likely to provide detailed exemplification. They are also likely to make a better effort to analyse “the role” that citizens/organizations play in determining how a country/government responds to global interactions/globalization (direct and indirect, or lawful and illegal means, for example). Or they may be more selective in the way they analyse global interactions (eg by breaking this concept into constituent parts such as flows of migrants, imports, data, etc).

For band C (4–6), an outline should be provided of either the general resistance role of civil society or two weakly-evidenced examples of civil society resistance.

For band D (7–8), expect a structured, well-evidenced analysis of:

  • either two or more detailed examples of civil society resistance
  • or the varied ways civil society plays a role in resisting global interactions.

For band E (9–10), expect both band D traits.