factors that affect climate


Group Task

  1. Using information from the textbook, draw a large, labelled diagram explaining one factor which affects climate from the list below on large poster paper.
  2. Find and sit with someone who made a different picture. Listen to their explanation and draw a simple labelled diagram for each of the titles below.

The influence of:

  • Latitude on temperature (p203)
  • Clouds on temperature (p204)
  • Altitude on temperature (p207)
  • Distance from the sea on temperature (p207)
  • Cold ocean currents on temperature (p208)
  • Lack of cloud on temperature (p208)
  • Aspect on temperature (p208)
  • Air pressure on precipitation (p209)
  • Cold ocean currents on precipitation (p209)
  • Relief on precipitation (p209)
  • Temperature on precipitation (p210)