project work

In pairs, research and make a 5 minute presentation to the class about the topics below.

Each presentation should include:

  • a summary of information in bullet points
  • good quality images
  • a map
  • a graph
  • a news article
  • a short video
  • a conclusion
  • a list of sources (websites where you found information, pictures, maps etc)



  1. Population Growth - Include a graph of China's population growth. Describe and explain the patterns of population growth.

  2. The Cultural Revolution - What was it? When did it happen? What effects did it have in China?

  3. One Child Policy - What is it? How did it work? What happened if you had more than one child?

  4. China's Ageing Population - What is the problem? What are the socio-economic effects? Include a population pyramid and explain what it shows.

  5. Population Density - Include a map of population density for China. Describe and explain the patterns.

  6. Rural-Urban Migration - What is it? How has this impacted the quality of life of people in the city and countryside? Include a map showing population density for different areas of China.

  7. Life in the Countryside - Explain what life is like in the countryside in China

  8. Life in the City - Explain what life is like in one of China's cities.

  9. Urbanisation - What is it? How has Shanghai changed over time? 

  10. Economic Growth - What is GDP? What changes have occurred in China's economy? 

  11. Factory Workers - Where are the main centres of production (cities)? What is it like to work in  factory?