Watch and note the keywords in this video

A drainage basin is an area within which water supplied by precipitation is transferred to the ocean, a lake or larger stream. It includes all the area that is drained by a river and its tributaries.
— Cambridge IGCSE Geography


  1. Research the definitions of the following words.
  2. Annotate a simple diagram of a drainage basin with the word and definition:
  • drainage basin
  • tributary
  • confluence
  • watershed

   3. Read and make notes on p 98 IGCSE book



  1. Make a simple copy of this diagram in your notes, adding keywords, colour and a title.

drainage basin processes


  1. In pairs, complete the gap fill using the words from this diagram
  2. Stick the completed gap fill into your notes.
  3. Write a pragraph describing two different ways that water passes through the drainage basin system. Refer to the keywords throughout.
  4. Read pp 98 - 101 and make notes on the different processes using titles.