Watch this clip on food and food production. Prepare to share your reflections.



Work as a team to create a 5 minute presentation describing the impacts of farming on one aspect of the environment. Refer to real, named examples and include images, maps and graphs where necessary.

The 6 impact areas are:

  1. Land conservation

  2. Water consumption

  3. Soil degradation

  4. Pollution

  5. Climate change

  6. Genetic erosion




Group Roles

  1. Master of Knowledge: You must ensure that the creative director has good quality information, real world examples, graphs, maps etc. You must ensure that all sources are referenced.

  2. Creative Director: You must make and present a presentation that is well-made, professional and includes a selection of high quality images.

  3. The Publisher: You will prepare a document summarising the main information, including images and links to the information sources. You will ensure that this is shared with the class via the group eLocker.

  4. Team Leader: You are responsible for coordinating your team, ensuring they work together to create the finished product. You are responsible for all elements of the task and will contribute to each aspect.



  1. Define roles in the group.
  2. Access the resources, read them.
  3. Check the evaluation criteria.
  4. Create a plan and divide the work.
  5. Set a goal for this lesson and homework.
  6. Ensure method of communication between members.
  7. Complete individual tasks
  8. Check work against evaluation criteria.
  9. Upload final work to shared class folder




Your work will be assessed using the criteria below.