In pairs, draw a picture to explain how the Internet works. Explain this to the class.

 A 53Tbps undersea Internet cable

A 53Tbps undersea Internet cable


global undersea cable network

  • There are 277 undersea fibre optic cables in the world today.
  • These cables carry 99% of all international communications, including Internet and telecom traffic.
  • They span a total of 986,543 km.


  1. Briefly explain, with the aid of a diagram, how data travels around the globe
  2. Note 3 facts about undersea fibre-optic cables
  3. Read pp 43-46 HL Guinness book
  4. On a blank world map, label facts and data about Internet usage worldwide

history of the internet

  1. Summarise the main factors influencing the growth of the Internet

intensity of use at a national or global scale


map showing global facebook friend connections


further reading

Guinness Textbook / 43 - 47