Geology Safari

Identify and describe a selection of rocks


Geology Safari

Identify and describe a selection of rocks

Create a "Collège Champittet Geology Safari" book!

Your book must include the following sections:

Title Page

  • Collège Champittet Geology Safari
  • High quality image
  • Author name
  • Publishing Company

Contents Page

  • List of chapters with page numbers


  • Welcome your reader to this book
  • This book is for people with an interest in geology
  • This book will explain what geology is, the different rock types and how they are formed
  • This book will describe a tour to discover some of the most interesting examples of rocks in school


  • What is geology?
  • What are the main types of rock?
  • How are the different rock types made?
  • What are some examples of different rock types?
  • Include a photo guide of different rock types for identification

Champittet Geology Safari

  • Map of the school showing the route
  • Each place has a number, photo of the rock and a description of how to get there
  • Describe what the rock looks like. Is it big/small? Colour? Does it have crystals? Are they small/large?
  • Can you guess what kind of rock it is?


  • A list of all the websites you used for information and photos