natural vs. human causes of climate change

  1. List the different causes of climate change in two columns

greenhouse gases


history of atmospheric CO2


environmental consequences of climate change


  1. Read pp 152-155 Patterns and Change Book
  2. Annotate an A3 world map with effects of global climate change

  3. Access the resources below and add to your world mp



other resources - cLimate change impacts




aral sea

lake chad


podcast bbc radio 4



Explain two possible environmental consequences of global climate change. [3+3]


The consequences may be at any scale and there are many possible answers. 

In each case, award [1 mark] for identifying a valid consequence with a further [2 marks] for two distinct points in the explanation, one of which could be exemplification.

Possible consequences include:

  • rising sea levels [1 mark] due to thermal expansion [1 mark] floods lowlands [1 mark]
  • melting ice / Earth’s albedo reduced/increased intake of solar radiation / warms climate further
  • increased temperature of oceans / greater incidence of tropical storms / devastation caused by hurricane Sandy in Haiti, Cuba
  • melting ice releasing freshwater into North Atlantic / shuts down ocean / may lead to falling temperatures in Europe.

Other possibilities: extinctions, moving biomes, bleaching of coral reefs, desertification, etc.


further reading

Core Book // pp 54-56