Brainstorm and list the ten most popular countries as destinations for tourism.

Number them 1-10 according to their popularity.

Check your ideas against the map below. How many did you guess correctly?

 World's top ten tourism destinations

World's top ten tourism destinations




  1. Read pp 271-273 IGCSE Geography Book
  2. Define leisure and tourism in your notes (p 271).
  3. List and illustrate the reasons for growth in international tourism (p 273).

national tourism industry

primary tourist resources

  1. the pre-existing attractions for tourism or recreation (that is, those not specifically built for the purpose), including climate, scenery, wildlife, indigenous people, cultural and heritage sites.


secondary tourist resources

  1. attractions for tourism and recreation built specifically for tourism and recreation e.g. accommodation, catering, entertainment and shopping


  1. For a country of your choice, create a presentation about its national tourism industry.

It should include:

  • An overview of the data concerning tourism for your country.
  • A selection of images showing the main primary and secondary tourism resources.
  • Examples of positive and negative impacts of tourism in your country.