Homogenisation of landscapes is the process whereby different landscapes in a country increasingly resemble those found in other countries because similar processes of change are at work.

Draw a city. Share it with the class. What characteristics do urban areas share?


COMMON structures and styles of construction

The increasingly globalised nature of city planning and architecture has led to increasingly homogenised landscapes that cater for the limited needs of humans.

CASE STUDY: Gehl Architects


COMMON infrastructure



  1. In groups, read, summarise and present the main points of one of the topics below to the rest of the class.

  • Central Business Districts (CBD)
  • Outer retail areas
  • Transport and other urban infrastructure
  • Residential areas

Resources: Guinness HL Book pp 132-141





  1. Describe how urban landscapes have become more uniform in recent decades.
  2. What are the reasons for this trend?