Create a project proposal for the regeneration of Lausanne in preparation of the Lausane 2020 Youth Olympic Games.

The city of Lausanne is looking for an organisation to carry out the regeneration of Lausanne in preparation of the 2020 winter olympic games.

The city of Lausanne wants this to be the most sustainable winter youth olympic games ever! 

Teams will present a proposal outlining their ideas for the location of:

  • Olympic village
  • Ice sports facilities,
  • Main stadium (for the opening and closing ceremonies)

The winning team will create a creative and coherent project proposal that demonstrates a clear knowledge and understanding of urban regeneration and sustainability.



In Geography you will create:

  1. Campaign poster for publicity
  2. Promotional leaflet in pdf and paper format
  3. Marketing video
  4. Optional item (you choose what this is)



In Art you will create:

  1. Company logo
  2. Perspective drawing of the interior of an Olympic Village bedroom


The project team is responsible for creating a proposal for the regeneration of the city in preparation for the Lausanne 2020 YOG.

  1. Choose a team name
  2. Elect a project manager
  3. Create a team slogan
  4. Assign roles to team members (perhaps more than one per person)


You will have the opportunity to assume multiple roles during the process. More than one student may be assigned the same role; for example, there may be more than one Researcher. This will allow you to gain new skills in areas in which you may not have prior experience. 


Project Manager

  • Manages the overall process
  • Makes sure team meets project deadlines
  • Reports on progress to group
  • Decides who is doing what each week

Media Specialist

  • Responsible for making the video.
  • Manages all of the media captured during the project.
  • Plans how best to capture, edit, organise, and distribute the media in the team.


  • Collects resources for project work.
  • Documents, saves and shares information with team.


  • Documents the entire experience through text, audio, and video.
  • Works closely with the rest of the team to capture key events.


Everyone needs to know and use these words effectively in their project. Learn them by heart and incorporate them into your work where necessary.

  1. Learn the keywords for a quiz

sustainable development

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
— International Institute for Sustainable Development
The three dimensions of sustainability [Source]

The three dimensions of sustainability [Source]

But what does this mean? What are the needs of the present? Take a minute and note down five to ten needs that you have in your own life.

Have you listed any needs that conflict with one another? For example, if you listed clean air to breathe, but also listed a car for transportation, your needs might conflict. Which would you choose, and how would you make your decision? Draw a line between any conflicting needs and explain how they conflict by writing on the line.

For example, what happens when a company’s need for cheap labour conflicts with workers’ needs for liveable wages? Or when individual families’ needs for firewood conflict with the need to prevent erosion and conserve topsoil? Or when one country’s need for electricity results in acid rain that damages another country's lakes and rivers?

How do we decide whose needs are met? Poor or rich people? Citizens or immigrants? People living in cities or in the countryside? People in one country or another? You or your neighbour? The environment or the corporation? This generation or the next generation? When there has to be a trade off, whose needs should go first?



  1. What are the characteristics of sustainable development?
  2. How was this achieved in London 2012 and Rio 2016?

the venues

You will choose a location for the following venues, situated within the city of Lausanne:

  1. Olympic village
  2. Ice hockey rink
  3. Short track speed skating track
  4. Figure skating track
  5. The Olympic stadium

The Olympic Village

The Lausanne 2020 Olympic Village

The Lausanne 2020 Olympic Village


ice sports venues

The ice sports venues

The ice sports venues


the sites

You have the choice of two area for your venues.

Where exactly you choose and why is up to you - just remember, the winning team will have the most sustainable solution.

What is important is your justification for your choice in relation to sustainable development.


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sustainable construction







make your own!