case study: community conservancies in namibia, southern africa


what are communal conservancies?

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  • A community-based natural resource management programme >
  • Gives rural communities huge power over the use of wildlife >
  • Provides incentives to protect wildlife and develop tourism >
  • Improves wildlife numbers and reduces poverty

independent work

  1. Read 218-221 Patterns and Change book. Watch documentary below.
  2. Create a case study summary of Namibia's community conservancies.
  3. Add information, maps, images and graphs to your document.
  4. Evaluate the successes and challenges of this type of conservation aimed at achieving environmental sustainability at a national scale.

exam practice

Explain one management strategy that is likely to achieve environmental sustainability. (4 marks)


There are many possible strategies at any scale (local, national, global). Only necessary to describe and explain the strategy to gain full marks; it is not required to offer any evaluation.

Identification of strategy [1 mark]; description/location of strategy [1 mark]; developed explanation of how it links to sustainability ie preserves a resource for future generations while at the same time deriving economic and other benefits from their use [2 marks].