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examinE the progress made in poverty reduction, education and health


  1. Read foreword by Ban Ki-Moon - Secretary General of the United Nations
  2. Read pp 4-8. Summarise developments made in the following areas onto the worksheet above: 
    • Poverty Reduction
    • Education
    • Health
  3. Create a visual poster summarising the progress made towards one MDG like the example on the right

Progress made in meeting MDGs

  1. Read pp 115-119 Patterns and Change book
  2. Annotate the world map with information relating to progress made on MDGs, using different colours for the following topics:
  • Poverty reduction
  • Education
  • Health

Extension task

  1. Read further into the progress made towards the MDGs.
  2. Add information to your world map.


progress towards MDGs in Nigeria



exam question

Examine the view that rapid population growth will prevent some countries from meeting their Millennium Development Goals. (15 marks)


Mark Scheme

Responses would be expected to show a clear understanding of the MDGs.

Responses may show that increased population numbers could be an obstacle to health, welfare and education provision, especially where there is poor governance of resources. However, there are other issues to consider, such as growing wealth inequalities, innovation resulting from population growth, corruption, civil war.

It is expected that there should be some discussion here about the link between population growth and poverty. Reducing population is not an MDG; rather it is an expected outcome that will become evident as countries reach their MDGs.

The strongest answers may conclude that some MDGs are easier to reach than others or that rapid population growth in some countries may have the opposite effect.

Responses presenting accurate, specific and well-detailed knowledge and understanding of MDGs with relevant examples and evaluation of the links with rapid population growth will reach level E or F.

Examiners report

While the candidates understood the MDGs, there was a weak treatment of how rapid population growth will prevent countries from meeting the goals. Arguments tended to be unsubstantiated and lacked sound examples.


further reading

  1. Read pp 113-115 Patterns and Change Book