A transnational corporation is any enterprise that undertakes foreign direct investment, owns or controls income gathering assets in more than one country, produces goods or services outside its country of origin, or engages in international production”

nation state

an independent state inhabited by all the people of one nation and one nation only.





    1. Research and make brief notes on the 30 Years War and The Treaty of Westphalia - events that contributed to the rise in dominance of nation states.
    2. Read the article above and add to your notes.



    nation states and tncs


    Read the article above and list the key factors driving the shift of power from nation state to TNC.


    comparing wealth of tncs and nation states



    1. Annotate the world map below with the details of 5 TNCs and their comparison with Nation States. 
    2. Add a drawing of the logo and some information about the company and state.

    further reading

    pp 192-197 HL Book