1. ICT stands for information and communication technologies

Civil society

  1. society considered as a community of citizens linked by common interests and collective activity.


what is civil society?

Watch the first 3 minutes.


  1. Read pp 48-49
  2. Summarise and illustrate the four interpretations of global civil society as proposed by Anheier, Glasius and Kaldor (p48)
  3. Draw Fig. 5 - the eDemocracy conceptual model
  4. Research and present examples of one of the main types of civil society groupings as proposed by the UN (p48/49)

TECHNOLOGY & the arab spring

  1. List examples of how technology assisted the Arab Spring
  1. Make a simple timeline of key events, places and people in the 2010 Arab Spring.

freedom of the press

  1. Describe the distribution of press freedom globally. Name regions and countries.

censorship in iran