This video will show and name important locations for ocean transport. Can you guess which ones?


key words

intermodal transportation

transporting freight by using two or more transportation modes. This is made possible by transportation terminals linking different modes of transport e.g road - rail - sea


bulk cargo

a commodity that is transported unpacked, in large quantities.


break bulk shipping

Break bulk refers to cargo that needs to be individually loaded.


ocean transport

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 15.00.48.png

changes in speed


Containerisation is a system of standardised transport, that uses a common size of steel container to transport goods. These containers can easily be transferred between different modes of transport – container ships to lorries and trains. This makes transport and trade of goods cheaper and more efficient.


changes in capacity

Container-carrying capacity has increased 1200% since 1968.



  1. Read the BBC article above
  2. Make notes on features of the new EEE ship that increase capacity + Panama Canal
  3. Create a document entitled "The Evolution of Container Ships"
  4. Include the ship name, year and capacity and a picture from the Internet.

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