USA - Mexico Border

USA - Mexico Border


crude birth rate         crude death rate      total fertility rate         natural increase         

infant mortality rate            child mortality rate                life expectancy              net migration rate



  1. Research and define the key terms above and write them in your notes. Highlight/underline.
  2. Copy table 1.6 into your notes
  3. Calculate population growth for Italy and Mexico 
  4. Read pp 12-14 IGCSE Geo Book
  5. Copy table 1.7 into your notes
  6. Use the case study information for Australia and Bangladesh (p 14) to complete the table

COUNTRY PROFILE presentation

Create a presentation showing the population profile of your country of origin.


  1. A graph showing population in 1900, 1950, 2000 and 2014. You must make this.
  2. Data showing the birth rate, fertility rate and death rate. Calculate natural increase.
  3. The number of immigrants that arrived in your country last year. 
  4. The top two countries from where these migrants came from.
  5. Why they left their country of origin.
  6. The number of emigrants that left your country last year.
  7. The top two destinations for emigrants.
  8. Why they left to go to these countries.
  9. Information on national population policy