1. Read and summarise the article.
  2. Read pp 107-111 Guinness HL Book.
  3. Make notes on causes and consequences.
  4. Draw Fig. 7 p 111.
  5. Research, describe and explain the Basel Convention.

case study: e waste disposal, agbogbloshie, ghana, west africa


Describe the health and environmental impacts of working in this industry.


Draw a sketch map showing the location of Ghana and neighbouring countries. Locate Accra and Agbogbloshie.


consequences for health


further reading and notes

  1. Read e-waste: pp 115-117 Guinness HL Book
  2. Make detailed notes on these pages

practice exam question

"Polluting industries are relocated, away from developed nations, for purely financial reasons." Discuss this statement [15 marks]


Financial reasons evidently play a significant role in the relocation of polluting industries.

However, it is important to consider other factors in this response, including:

  • Environmental considerations 
  • Political agreements (Basel convention)