Leisure, sport, tourism

Extreme Environments


Global Interactions


PAST EXAM PAPERS + mark scheme

Paper 1 / SL + HL

Paper 2 / sl + hl




These Flipboard magazines are a collection of articles selected by IB geography teachers from all over the world. The perfect way to enrich your knowledge and understanding.


SUGGESTED revision activities

  1. Evaluate your understanding of the syllabus objectives in the IB Guide. Highlight these using traffic light colours to focus your revision on areas that are the most necessary.
  2. Re-read sections of the different textbooks and make condensed revision notes + flashcards.
  3. Read the study guide and make condensed revision notes + flashcards.
  4. Read the exam question and mark scheme booklet. Highlight answers and exam practice.
  5. Practise knowledge of key words using flashcards (Quizlet).
  6. Revisit the website resources used during the course, make condensed revision notes.
  7. Read the case studies summary document. Modify and correct it as necessary.




Hl global interactions

This article examines a number of key concepts from the HL syllabus. Possible activities:

  1. Scan the article and identify key terms and ideas
  2. Read the article and clarify points
  3. Circle each paragraph and summarise it with words, symbols and images
  4. List the main themes in the discussion
  5. Write a 200 word summary of the article