A river removes material from the sides (banks) and bottom (bed) of the river channel. This is called erosion

The boulders, pebbles, sand, silt and mud are carried downstream. This is called transportation. The material being transported is called the load.

When the river loses energy it deposits material on the river bed. The largest material (boulders) are deposited first.

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river erosion


river transport

MEmory game

You are going to watch a short video then explain it to your partner. Your partner will not see the video. This will improve your working memory, a key learning skill.

  1. Form groups of 2: Student A and Student B
  2. B students wait outside class and agree on a strategy for memory recall
  3. A students watch video River Erosion
  4. B students return to class. A students draw processes and explain to B.
  5. Repeat for River Transport video.
  6. All students watch both videos and give a score to their partner with feedback.

geographical diagrams

  1. Fold an A3 piece of paper 3 times
  2. Draw the 8 processes
  3. Add titles and labels explaining the processes