Desertification is the gradual transformation of habitable land into desert.

Soil degradation is a global process. It involves both the physical loss (erosion) and the reduction in quality of topsoil associated with nutrient decline and contamination.



  1. Define soil degradation and desertification
  2. Read p 232
  3. Note 3 facts about the global problem of soil degradation
  4. Explain how deforestation, overgrazing and agricultural mismanagement contribute to soil degradation
  5. Make a copy of Fig. 10 p233
  6. Create a mind map explaining the consequences of desertification
  7. Watch and make notes on the case study videos below


Watch the videos and make notes on the case study details.

Soil erosion in the Yellow River, China

Desertification in Niger


Project Work

In groups, create something to explain the link between human activity and environmental damage. Choose from one of the topics below.

  • Agricultural Change in Argentina's Pampas
  • Oil production in the Niger Delta
  • The Threat to Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Use information from the textbook as well as online sources to make something creative.