patterns and trends in physical and economic water scarcity

  1. How are physical water scarcity and economic water scarcity similar and different? (Compare and contrast)

patterns in water scarcity

  1. Describe the global pattern of economic water scarcity
  2. Why is there no physical or economic water scarcity in central Sahara desert? (refer to the definition)
  3. Read pp 182-183 Patterns and Change. List the environmental and human factors affecting physical and economic water scarcity.

trends in water use

  1. Describe how water withdrawal rates are likely to change between 1995 and 2025.

case study: california drought 2014

California is America's most valuable agricultural state and the third largest petroleum state. Both of these activities require high amounts of water. California is, in places, also one of America's driest states.


environmental causes

El Nino & Precipitation Rates




exam question

Examine the view that human activity is responsible for water scarcity. (15 marks)