1. Add title, date and objective to your notes
  2. Copy the summary statement (p13) into your notes
  3. Read and highlight pp 12-13
  4. Answer all questions in your notes
  5. Complete the activity below

climate WEBQUEST

TASK: Working in groups of 2 and using the website below, create a 3 minute presentation and worksheet describing and explaining the characteristics of one of the following climate zones. Use the questions on the webpage to structure your work.


  1. Tropical Wet
  2. Tropical Wet/Dry
  3. Mediterranean
  4. Humid Subtropical
  5. Marine West Coast
  6. Humid Continental
  7. Subarctic
  8. Tundra
  9. Ice Cap
  10. Arid
  11. Semi-Arid
  12. Highland